Do you know about job crafting  ? This tendency is to shape one’s position to make it more enjoyable and satisfying. But don’t get me wrong: becoming an architect of your well-being at work requires above all exploring your skills and career aspirations . An approach that is worth it in view of the results. Can we tell you more?

What is job crafting?

The job crafting  ? Literally, this English term translates to “handmade work” . Concretely, job crafting consists in shaping your work, the functions and tasks related to it, according to your expectations and objectives, to cultivate your own well-being at work and find more fulfillment there.

Why “handmade”? Because job crafting requires “getting your hands dirty”, sometimes with a touch of resourcefulness, to become aware of any discomfort or dysfunction in your professional life (too much stress at work, for example) .

It is not a miracle method to turn a stressful or boring job into a dream job, but a serious step of reinventing your working day to make it more satisfying . In short, job crafting allows you to review aspects of your professional life to improve it and create happiness at work .

If it is possible that you have to obtain the agreement of your employer or to initiate the action of social partners to set up certain arrangements (such as teleworking days for example), the job crafting process must first come from a will on your part.

Its advantages for developing well-being at work

The well-being at work is the basis of many benefits. Linked to the concepts of quality of life at work, health at work and more generally, fulfillment in the workplace, it allows companies in particular to:

  • reduce work accidents  ;
  • prevent psychosocial risks  ;
  • boost team motivation and productivity; 
  • improve employee engagement over the long term .

For the active, job crafting allows:

  • to be more efficient and more creative;
  • to produce quality work;
  • to create a better work-life balance, and a greater overall quality of life.

In this sense, job crafting is one of the ways to achieve a more satisfactory level of well-being at work. An advantage for the employee, therefore, but also for the company that employs him.